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The company offers the implementation of its services based on an integrated quality management system in the PN-EN ISO 9001 and PN-EN 3834-2 norms granted by the Office of Technical Inspection UDT for the production of transfer pipelines for combustible materials and repairs and modernization of transmission and technological pipelines for FLAMMABLE materials.

The largest recipient of ZISCO’s services is directly Gas Transmission Operator GAZ SYSTEM SA. As a result of tender procedures, construction contracts are obtained independently by the company. The remaining group of customers of our services are large corporate enterprises that mainly execute contracts in infrastructure and railway construction. The company also successfully obtains orders under public tenders announced by the Cities and local authorities on the basis of the Public Procurement Law.

Infrastructural construction

Water supply and sewage networks

Construction of sewage, sanitary and rainwater networks and installations:

  • external networks of sanitary and rainwater sewage system: general and industrial, in gravity, pressure and vacuum systems, along with the lateral drains and sewage facilities, such as sewage pumping stations and pumping stations, settling tanks, separators.

Construction of water supply networks and mains along with connections and utilities, including:

  • water supply networks and all other main pipelines, distribution lines, fittings and utilities connected to the water supply, water meter chambers, nodes.

We realize pipelines in technologies made of cast iron, plastic, polyester, GRP, stoneware and concrete pipes, in the full range of diameters.

Road building and constructions

Comprehensive execution of construction works in the scope of construction of and extension of roads, roads, parking lots and pavements.

  • earthworks
  • excavations, embankments
  • drainage of the road body
  • wells, sewers, ditches, culverts
  • substructure, geosynthetics
  • concrete, stone haberdashery, curbs, sidewalks
  • bituminous, concrete, gravel surfaces, asphalt cut, concrete and stone blocks
  • finishing works
  • humusing, finishing elements
Gas infrastructure

Construction, repairs and modernization of pipelines, gas facilities and technological systems:

  • steel pipelines and high-pressure transmission grids,
  • medium and low pressure distribution networks (steel, PE).

Installations and technological systems:

  • industrial gas and heating installations,
  • rurociągi i układy technologiczne dla przemysłu gazowniczego, naftowego i chemicznego (m.in. kopalnie ropy i gazu).

Gas stations and facilities:

  • I ° and II ° reduction and measurement stations
  • I ° and II ° stations and measuring points
  • presses and distribution nodes.

Corrosion protection:

  • installation of active corrosion protection,
  • performing passive corrosion protection,
  • intense measurements of the gas pipeline insulation condition (measurement with the pipeline connected and excluded).

Specialized works:

  • hermetic technologies by the T.D. Williamson,
  • implementation of alternative customer supply using CNG and LNG,
  • HDD trenchless technologies.
Railway construction
  • construction and repairs of stations, routes and sections of railway lines
  • removing the effects of mining damage on railway infrastructure
  • construction and renovation of railway traffic control devices
  • revitalization of slopes and embankments of railway road
  • construction and renovation of railway crossings
  • construction and renovation of engineering facilities related to railway infrastructure
  • reconstruction of complete engineering facilities on sidings of industrial plants (mines, steel mills, coking plants, car factories and all other sidings)
  • revitalization of railway bridges

We specialize in durable connection of railway rails in technologies:

  • thermite welding,
  • electric spark welding,
  • arc welding.