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ZISCO – A reliable and solid partner for your investment

ZISCO is a brand with extensive experience in the engineering construction market, gas market and railway construction. Tradition, quality and innovative approach to our projects make the company’s position stable in the market of construction and assembly services in Poland.

From the beginning, the company’s activity is based on a solid foundation, which is its employees. A team of highly qualified specialists from various fields is a support for well-coordinated work teams. The success of our company is determined, among other things, by the synergy of strong intellectual capital and systematically improving our skills of executive employees. The impressive technical facilities, machinery park and modern transport base make the company ready to provide services at the highest level, providing a guarantee of reliability and durability of the works performed.


founding the company
01.08.1994 ZISCO company was established


establishment of a limited partnership
30.04.2012 establishment of a limited partnership ZISCO


New Connect's debut
the company is preparing for shares issuing


company employees
That many employees are constantly building our brand ZISCO
Domain activities

The domain of ZISCO is the engineering market based on investments obtained through public tenders, the market of construction corporations performing specialized work as well as the market of industrial enterprises. ZISCO’s range of operations covers the whole of Poland.

Company's mission

We help with the expansion of the National Power System of Poland and carry out tasks under the EU Perspectives of the Operational Program: Infrastructure and Environment. While implementing our mission, we care about the natural environment and we are guided by the principles of sustainable development.

Company's vision

The company aims to build its relations with the environment on the following principles:

  • meeting the needs and providing clients with benefits consistent with the mission and image of the Company,
  • stable and mutually beneficial cooperation with strategic partners, mainly in the field of service delivery, technology development and material delivery,
  • activities for environmental protection in technological processes and in the company’s environment,
  • cooperation with local authorities for the economic and civilization development of the local community.

In such conditions, the company strives to achieve:

  1. The position of the leader on the Polish and European engineering construction market related with construction of pipelines for gas and fuel transport including z infrastructure associated with them in the range of usability, environmentalism of the technologies used and the quality of customer service and operation of the company.

  2. The position of the leader on the Polish engineering construction market related to the construction of sanitary sewage systems and rainwater and water supply systems using the same values.

  3. The level of profitability that provides funds for the development of innovative technologies, especially pro-ecological ones, the increase of the Company’s value, material satisfaction for the owners enabling the Company’s development intentions to be realized.

  4. Position of a reliable and valued partner in the implementation of works related to the construction of road and railroad communication routes.

  5. Development of qualifications, satisfaction with work and integration of personnel with the Company’s objectives with satisfactory working conditions and pay levels significantly higher than the national average.

  6. Harmony in mutual relations between the owners and the management of the company.

Company image

Shaping its image The company is distinguished by a very high quality of services provided. The company shows a partnership attitude towards companies cooperating with it.

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